About Personicity

Before you put your data in here

Personicity is not intended for use by the public yet. With that said, if you're like us and think the world needs this app and you'd like to have it, we'd like to hear from you and make sure you get a chance to help us make the app amazing. You can sign up without jumping through any hoops, but if you like the app we encourage you to CONTACT THE DEVELOPER HERE.

If you haven't contacted the developer, there's a chance we'll end up deleting your data. Not because we're cruel, but because we're actively developing the application to make it better, and sometimes we have to take out a few walls to make the ballrooms more grand.

You can't sue us.

If anything you do with this app makes you unhappy, causes you financial or any other kind of distress, don't sue us. We're telling you right here on this page that signing up consitutes your acceptance of the terms of service, which state that you have no rights expressed or implied with regard to the software or its function, and that when you use this app you do so at your own risk. Seriously. Please be cool. Cool? Right on.

You've read this and you're in

If everything you've read here sounds good to you and you want to check out the app, REGISTER HERE